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"We work for our clients to achieve a financial reward that benefits the success of their business."

As a full service accounting and consulting firm, with over 25 years of experience, CIBC Group, LLC, is committed to delivering exceptional support and guidance to our clients.  It became apparent several years ago that certain types of manufacturing businesses require specialized attention. To prioritize these clients, we developed a team of forensic accounting professionals who focus entirely on the manufacturing industry. Our expertise distinguishes us in this complex field as we are able to dedicate valuable time and resources to monitor the ever-changing laws and regulations pertinent to manufacturers. It is our job and fudiciary responsibility to inform and advise clients on practice proven strategies to optimize their tax benefits. We offer free comprehensive tax reviews for manufacturing companies to ensure all fundamental and obscure deductions are being utilized to the maximum advantage. We strive to provide quality service to our clients considering both their business and individual needs.  It is the foundation of our practice to grow but never to lose the local identity and personal relationships with our clients.

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