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CIBC GROUP, LLC...  What we do, and how we do it...

"We provide advanced intergrated business, strategic, tax, and management and implementation services, on a long term or short term basis, at the professional, executive, management level.  We are personal, professional, confidential, and relentless in achieving our clients desired result or outcome."

Clients we serve are typically closely held private companies with one to a dozen owners. They sometimes, but not always, operate across state or international jurisdictions, or maybe they desire to do so. Their revenues have typically reached at least $1.0 million up to $250 million per year, though we have provided single or specialized engagements for companies of all sizes.  Our typical client desires to grow, integrate, sell, or diversify, or they have a unique set of circumstances or issues that require energy, care, or resolve.  

We are a result oriented boutique firm.  Each engagement and relationship is tailored specifically to each client, to what they want and need in order to improve or add value. Therefore, our fee structure can sometimes be tailored based on length or scope of project or service, level of expertise required, performance or value, or other criteria specific to an engagement or our clients needs. However, here is some base information related to our fee structures:

  • $250 to $450 per hour - Partner / Professional - Executive level business consulting services at the CEO / CFO / Professional / Management level.
  • $250 to $450 per hour - Partner / Professional - Tax planning and tax consulting services at the Partner level.
  • $150 to $300 per hour - Partner / Professional - Mid to Management level project work provided at the Executive level.
  • $75 to $150 per hour - All professional support and administrative staff.
We generally require a modest retainer at the beginning of an engagement or project, and provide monthly detailed invoices for work performed for our clients convenience which are due on receipt.  

However, because we are a result oriented boutique firm, we are flexible in how we tailor each engagement and relationship to each client.  For us, the most important thing is to identify what you want, what you need, and achieve that without exception.  It is important to us that in our relationships our fees are immaterial to our value.  

Our intial consultations are always free.  We want to discover what you want, need, and desire.  Then we want to pursue that relentlessly and surpass it.  We want to tailor an engagement or project fee structure so that we are able to work together, and we provide both specific and immeasurable value beyond our fees.  You company, your work, and your life should be full of opportunity, growth, and joy. Those things are the reasons we exist, to serve you.

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